Manumed T is a wrist brace with a thumb support that immobilises the wrist, the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint and the saddle joint of the thumb. The user simply slips his hand into the brace. The integrated retaining loops make it easy to put on with one hand. The aluminium splint can be moulded individually to the hand and the active, breathable medi Airtex material ensures that it is comfortable to wear.

The wrist brace with thumb support can be used for all indications that require immobilisation of the wrist with thumb fixation, such as:

  • Distorsion of the wrist and / or thumb
  • Postoperative immobilisation of the wrist and thumb
  • Lesions of the collateral ligaments of the basal thumb joint
  • Tendinitis and tenosynovitis of the wrist and / or thumb
  • Inflammatory phases of rheumatic diseases
  • Rhizarthritis


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