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Our mission is to provide premium quality medical systems at reasonable prices, in order to improve the output of the healthcare system of our country & the region that reflects a good quality of life for patients. To achieve this goal Sater International – Carelax Company acts as a force for good throughout the Lebanese and entire MEA & Africa territories by selling diversity of high quality medical products.

What we keep in mind is: “Provide the best service and care after sale”.

However, at Sater Medical, we do not simply work for a company. We work to bring happiness to our families, support our society, and fulfill our responsibilities to the entire world. We firmly believe that integrity is the key to business success, and that it is possible to build a successful career without sacrificing time with our families.

Finally, we maintain that the goal of business is something much more rewarding than mere profit and whenever you need our help, you are very welcome

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Our History

Sater International – Carelax Company seeks to provide quality health care products and excellent service that help patients to ease their pain and gain high quality medical equipment and products through reasonable prices

Since its establishment in 1992, Sater International – Carelax has been a leader in the distribution of medical and healthcare equipment in Lebanon and the region of the Middle East and Africa

We start in 2002 by our main product is “Disk Dr.” Lumbar & Cervical spine (Belt/ Collar/ Bio-heating devices), In addition of Medi and E-life barces, a genuine effective and safe device for helping supporting and treating back pain and disco genic diseases, and even others related to spine diseases.

We are committed to restoring mobility and improving the quality of life for patients, with a range of braces and supports that have been developed to enhance mobility across all areas of the human body. As a world leader in medicinal orthopedics, we have the expertise and technical knowledge that ensures our products deliver maximum functionality and comfort.


Our main product is “Disk Dr.” Lumbar & Cervical spine (Belt/
Collar/ Bio-heating devices), a genuine effective and safe device
for helping supporting and treating back pain and discogenic
diseases, and even others related to spine diseases


Eight out of ten persons suffer from back pain at least once in
their lifetime.
Due to bipedalism, where the spine bears the weight of the
upper body, humanbeings suffer from variuos spine issues.
It has been known that the aging can cause lumbar disc
henrination, Recently, many young people are also suffering
from back pain.
Lumbar disc herination can be treated both surgically and
non-surgically. However most patients can overcome back
pain by conservative treatments only such as Disk Dr.


  • Patients who suffer from an acute/chronic sprain of the
    lumbar vertebrae.
  • Patients with a herinated invertebral disc, Scoliosis, Spinal
    Stenosis or Spondylolysis.
  • Herinated disc patients before / after operation.
  • Mothers who suffer from backpain due to childbirth and
  • Students and office workers who need to correct their
  • Patients who suffer from back pain do to weak waist.
  • Those who are engaged in sports or occupations that
    require extensive use of waist.

Disk Dr. is a portable, air-inflation belt that provides the patiens with traction treatment which has been available in hospitals and clinics. Powerfull air pillars stretch the spinal disks from No. 1 to No. 5 in the vertical direction, widening the gap so that the disc(s) can return to its(their) original position in the spine, thus releiving the pain.
According to the clinical test , 90.5% of the patients reported relief of pain and the inter-vertebral disc interval at the 4th anf the 5th segment of the lumbar vertebrae widened by an average of 3 mm.