Product benefits

  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation due to immobilisation of the wrist
  • Reduction of movement-related pain due to volar stabilisation

How does it work?/Mode of action


Immobilisation and stabilisation of the wrist with volar aluminium support.


Donning/fitting instructions

The initial fitting should be supervised by a healthcare professional.
The pre-shaped aluminium splint can be removed and easily moulded to match different wrist contours.
Open all the straps and slip your hand into the support (with the aluminium splint at the bottom).
First close the front strap and then the back strap.
Now close the broad central strap. This strap is attached to the underside of the support by Velcro and can be moved before fastening if necessary.

Wearing directions

Only wearing the Manumed consistently will support the therapy.


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