Product benefits

  • Immobilisation of the elbow joint by fixation of the upper and lower arm
  • Joint movement is limited to 0°-120° to guarantee ROM appropriate to the stage of rehabilitation
  • Prevention of movements that can cause luxation or subluxation
  • Prevention of pronation and supination movement due to hand rest

How does it work?/Mode of action


Adjust the extension and flexion limits
on the instructions of your doctor only.

Particularly during the first few days after traumatic events, the belts should
be slackened often so as to avoid severe


Donning/fitting instructions

Open all the Velcro straps and put the brace on so that its joint lies directly over the lateral epicondyle. You can adjust the length of the arm rest with the two screws on the forearm splint.
First close the two lower arm belts, then the upper arm belts.
Guide one end of the neck strap through the ring on the arm cuff and fasten the Velcro.
Pass the other end over your shoulder, guide it through the ring on the hand rest, and fasten the Velcro.
The neck pad can be adjusted individually, but it should lie over the middle of the shoulder. The pads can be trimmed to size with scissors if necessary.
The frame of the orthosis is made of aluminium and can be adjusted as required. Avoid making alterations close to the joint area, however.


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